Returns and Refunds

Returns are free within 14 days from delivery. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered, they must be intact and complete, never worn, used, or damaged in any way, and must be returned in the original packaging with all attached labels. In the event that a product has a security seal, the return of such a product will not be accepted if the original security seal has been removed, broken, or damaged. To make a return, please:

  1. Send an email to to request the pick-up of the return package, specifying the pick-up address, phone number, and preferred date.
  2. Attach the waybill, which shows the return address and is already included in the original packaging at the time of delivery, to the outside of the return package. By following the above procedure, the courier will pick up the package at no additional cost. Otherwise, shipping costs will be borne by the customer, and we will not be responsible for any losses, damages, or theft associated with the return shipment. Once the return is confirmed to be compliant, a voucher of the same amount will be issued, or if you wish to change the size, a new order will be issued. For any doubts, please contact customer service by writing to

Article 10 - Withdrawal

Pursuant to art.52 and following of the Consumer Code, the Consumer Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract of the Product, without having to bear other costs except the Accessory Costs. The exercise of the right of withdrawal and therefore the sending to the Seller as a return of the goods must take place within 14 days from: the delivery date of the Product(s); the delivery date of the last Product in case of an order containing multiple lots shipped separately. In case of withdrawal as per the preceding period, the Customer will be entitled to a refund of the Product Cost. SPECIFIC APPROVAL pursuant to and for the effects of articles 1341 – 1342 of the Civil Code.

Article 11 - Warranty for Defects

The duration of the warranty, in the case where the Customer is a Consumer under the Consumer Code, is limited to 24 months from the delivery date, while it is 12 months if the Customer is a Professional. The warranty is limited to any non-conformities existing at the time of product delivery and that manifest within the warranty period from delivery. The non-conformity must be reported to the Seller, under penalty of warranty forfeiture, within two months from the date it was discovered. A non-conformity is considered when the Product does not match the description made by the Seller and/or does not possess the qualities of the Product indicated on the Site. The legal warranty is reserved for Consumers and is applicable only if the goods have been used with due diligence and under normal conditions by the buyer. Therefore, the Seller declines any liability for defects if the goods are subjected to heating conditions, humidity, exposure to atmospheric factors such as sunlight, or abnormal environments. The warranty provided here is not applicable in case of deterioration caused by external causes to the intrinsic quality of the product. Also excluded from the scope of the legal warranty are any defects and/or damages caused by accidental events or the Customer's responsibility or by a use of the Product not in line with its intended use and/or as stated in the Product's Technical Sheet on the Site page dedicated to the individual Product. The warranty does not cover the consequences of the product's normal wear and tear. In particular, the warranty does not cover: discoloration of materials due to light or other atmospheric factors or rubbing; deterioration due to accidents such as stains, burns, scratches, cuts, etc.; deterioration caused by the use of unsuitable products for cleaning the product, not indicated or recommended by the Seller. The Seller cannot be held responsible, within the limits allowed by law, if the delivered product does not comply with the legislation of the delivery country other than Italy; nor in case of non-substantial differences between the purchased goods and their illustrative images and text descriptions published on the Site and therefore also in the Product's Technical Sheet on the Site page dedicated to the individual Product. The warranty is considered excluded: (i) if the Consumer was aware of the defect; (ii) if the Consumer could have been aware of the defect with due diligence; (iii) if the non-conformity arises from instructions or materials provided by the Consumer. The Seller is not responsible for public statements if it proves that: it was unaware of the manufacturer's statement and could not have known it with due diligence; the statement had been adequately corrected before the conclusion of the Contract so that the Consumer could be aware of it; the decision to purchase the consumer good was not influenced by the statement. If the Customer is not a Consumer, Legislative Decree 206/2005 and subsequent amendments will not apply, and the provisions of the Civil Code will apply. Notwithstanding the exclusions above, if the Customer is not a Consumer, the warranty due by the Seller lasts one year. In the event of a duly reported and proven non-conformity, the Customer has the right to: free repair or replacement of the goods, at his choice, unless the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome compared to the other; if repair or replacement is impossible or excessively burdensome, or if the repair or replacement has not been carried out within a reasonable time, or if the repair or replacement previously carried out has caused significant inconvenience to the Consumer, to a reduction in price or to the termination of the contract, at his choice. The requested remedy is considered excessively burdensome if it imposes unreasonable costs on the Seller compared to alternative remedies that can be pursued, taking into account i) the value that the good would have if there were no non-conformity; ii) the extent of the non-conformity; iii) the possibility that the alternative remedy can be pursued without significant inconvenience to the Consumer. Products sold on the Site may, depending on their nature, be covered by the Manufacturer's warranty, if different from the Seller. In this case, the Customer can enforce this warranty only against the Manufacturer. The conditions for applying the warranty in this paragraph depend on the individual Manufacturer and are indicated in the so-called warranty certificate contained in the Product packaging. Any conventional warranty issued by the Manufacturer is voluntary and does not add to, replace, limit, or prejudice the legal warranty. Under no circumstances may the Customer enforce the conventional warranty issued by the Manufacturer against the Seller. SPECIFIC APPROVAL pursuant to and for the effects of articles 1341 – 1342 of the Civil Code.