Dettaglio di un uomo in camicia bianca che piega un cardigan blu su un tavolo di legno


Iconazero develops products with low environmental impact starting from the materials chosen and used for this objective.

Each production step is carefully processed and supervised with a view to sustainability both in terms of sources and in terms of activities.

Dettaglio macro della trama di un maglione di lana blu


Sustainability according to Iconazero's vision is based on the quality, longevity and timeless design of the products.

The objective is to build value that lasts over time, without incurring the usual waste and the cyclical replacement of products intended for a short life

Primo piano di un bottone in stile vintage dorato, rappresentante il logo del brand, fissato su un maglione di lana blu scuro


Iconazero's attitude aims to meet the responsibility of its customers, involve it, and together with this make a triple promise: surround yourself with a few quality things, enjoy items over a long period of time, not chase ephemeral and volatile fashions.

Everything can be traced back to a simple mantra: unique and well made, unique and valuable.

Mani che piegano un cardigan blu posizionato su un tavolo di legno


Every Iconazero activity is managed responsibly. The packaging of the finished product is a clear example of this.

All recycled and recyclable material, which forms an ambivalent box, both for packaging and shipping.

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