Iconazero embodies pure and timeless classicism.

Drawing inspiration from classical history and culture, Iconazero embraces the concept of the Golden Ratio, also known as the divine proportion or the Phidias constant. In the realms of visual arts and mathematics, this refers to the irrational number 1.618...

This value signifies a particular proportion acknowledged as the divine proportion - an epitome of beauty and harmony.

  • Dettaglio di una conchiglia con la tipica forma a spirale
  • Tornado visto dal satellite, evidenziando la sua forma a spirale

In nature, it often manifests as a spiral built on rectangles maintaining a 1.618:1 ratio.

The golden spiral is essentially a logarithmic one that grows following an augmentation factor equivalent to Phi (ɸ).

In artworks, the golden rectangle is frequently employed where if the height is taken as 1, the base becomes 0.618.

Logo del brand in bianco, affiancato da una rappresentazione geometrica a 'chiocciola' della sezione aurea

Golden Ratio = ICONAZERO

Iconazero's very logo mirrors the Golden Ratio: an uppercase "ɸ" intertwined with an "I" that intersects a "0", hinting at a connection to self and the individual.

The Golden Ratio is the guiding principle in the stylistic exploration of products and in their creation.

Iconazero offers a range of products ideal for every man, at any moment, for every event or circumstance. They are indispensable and prominent in the male world panorama.

Uomo con cardigan blu e cravatta, seduto su un tavolo, illuminato dal sole che entra lateralmente dalla finestra


All Iconazero pieces are strictly designed, developed, and crafted in Italy.

We invest our time sourcing premium and enduring materials.

Skilled artisans transform these into unique and timeless creations.


Iconazero creates timeless and iconic products, emphasizing functionality in design.

Each decision during the research and sampling process addresses a specific need in the daily male universe.

Un uomo in piedi con cardigan blu, cravatta e pantaloni eleganti, ripreso in un piazzale di un'area industriale


Every Iconazero product aims to be 'beyond fashion', standing apart from the fleeting succession of cyclical trends.

Timelessness and uninfluenced existence by fads require carefully considered proportions, and a design stemming from balanced exploration in each product's evolution.

Iconazero epitomizes the essence of the man’s world.


Each Iconazero item showcases unique, tailor-made details.

The logo on the products is discreet, clean, and authoritative.

Such meticulous attention aligns with the brand's style: classic, refined, laden with elegant details that delight aficionados of beauty.

Personality and discretion encapsulate the Iconazero man.

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