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100% Non-Shrinkable Virgin Merino Wool

100% Made in Italy

Jeweled Detail


The models are 185 cm tall and weigh approximately 78 kg. In the photos, they are wearing a size M.



Designed and produced entirely in Italy.

100% Extrafine Non-Shrinkable Pure Virgin Merino Wool, spun by Tollegno 1900 (Biella). The term 'virgin' refers to the wool sheared from the fleece, entirely natural, not regenerated or retrieved from other industrial processes. The Woolmark certification guarantees pure organic virgin wool.

The color is Blu Zero, darker than black, with a special sheen in changing light.

The jeweled details are made of antique metal and hand-stitched.

Mediano is designed to be functional and durable. The key to its longevity and resistance is the tight and dense yarn work, which requires a greater amount of raw material compared to similar mass-produced products. In fact, this article boasts the use of about 1 kg of wool per piece, almost an entire reel.

All these details justify its value, making it an unparalleled and timeless garment.



Perfect over a classic French collar shirt or even better, a button down; even more casual over a t-shirt revealing the round neck profile; recommended paired with a polo shirt for a late 90s vibe; enveloping and prestigious even in everyday home outfits.

Extremely comfortable and versatile, the natural elasticity of the wool allows complete freedom of movement.


Up to the early 1900s, knitting was limited to underwear and small expensive and sought-after artisanal works, the prerogative of a social elite.

To trace the origin of modern knitwear, we need to refer to World War I. To help the soldiers in the trenches, who froze in their military uniforms, women at home began making any type of knitted products, which were then distributed to the front according to need by charitable organizations.

These early extremely comfortable, warm, and quick-to-make knit items soon became widely used outside the military context.

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